How fast is it?
Our advertised download speeds are up to 100 Mbps. That's the fastest in Perry County. Over 10X faster than our competitiors.
How do I get signed up?
You can fill out the form above or give a call and will get the process started.
Do you cap data?
No. Our plans are unlimited. We don't limit you or throttle your speeds. When we say unlimited...we mean unlimited.
What kind of equipment do I need?
We provide and install an antenna that will be mounted to your home. The antenna then connects to a router in your home. You will need to provide a wireless router. If you need help with that, we sell them configured and ready to go.
Can I use my existing router?
Yes. If you have a wireless router and wish to continue using it, we will make sure your wireless network is working before our install crew leaves.
Will bad weather affect my internet service?
We have seen VERY LITTLE affects with weather. Unlike satalite services which have to go through clouds and all the way to space and back, we just need close to line-of-site to one of our towers here locally.