FAST Rural Internet is finaly here

for Perry County, MO.

No more buffering

Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

Work from home

Like Zoom calls and VPN's.

Perfect for virtual classrooms

Stay ahead of the game

Even Xbox and PlayStation


We are an Internet Provider offering the FASTEST SPEEDS and the BEST SERVICE in Perry County. Starting at just $75.00/month
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Rural internet just got FASTER!

With Long Range Network's high speed internet you can work faster, play better and even make phone calls over the internet. So what are you waiting for? Unlock the true potential of high speeds today!

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Why choose us?

Features that you are gonna love.

Video Streaming

Say good bye to the buffering wheels and big cable companies. We offer plenty speeds to stream multiple shows at once.

Video Games

Gamers need lots of bandwidth and low latency. We have both of those covered, so go ahead...Game away!

Work From Home

Enjoy the benefits of working from home. Whether you video conference or need a VPN connection, we can handle that.

Wifi Service

We offer the latest technology in wifi routers to ensure your network is safe & secure, with no dead zones.

Device Support

Before we leave, we can make sure all your devices are connected and properly configured to your wifi network.

Wifi Calling

If your celular coverage lacks...coverage, use your new wifi network to make crystal clear calls anywhere in your home.

Auto Pay

Auto Pay is quick and easy to set up so you can enjoy more time streaming and connecting to family and friends.

Unlimited Data

You don't have to worry about running out of data or your speeds slowing down because of usage. Stream all you want. It's ok!

Stay Connected

Now you can stay connected on social media and make video calls to loved one's far away.

We are local

We are a family-owned company born and raised right here in Perry County. Our heart beats for THIS community. We are dedicated to offering you the fastest and most reliable service possible.

We are Fast

Whether you want to work from home, relax by streaming a movie, or even challenge your friends to a game of Call of Duty, we have you covered. Our internet service is fast enough to do it all...AT THE SAME TIME!

No Data Caps

We understand that today's technology requires more and more data. We will NEVER cap your data. We will NEVER throttle your speeds. So go ahead...binge that show you've been wanting to watch.


What are customers say....
  • As a resident of rural Perry County, I had significant challenges with internet and voice service. My only option for network service was satellite, which was slow and expensive. Using my cell phone was impossible from my home, even with a cell booster. In less than two hours, the technicians from Long Range Network had successfully installed my new network and for the first time ever, I could use my cell phone from inside my home! My network performance is fantastic and we can stream TV without buffering. Long Range Network is outstanding. I never thought I would be able to work from home or enjoy streaming from our living room! Don't hesitate to make the change - it's such a significant improvement and their personal service is a pleasure! Thank you Long Range Network for saving my technology life! 5+ Stars for Sure!

    Sharon SeabaughLake Ka Tan Da
  • We just started service with Long Range Internet. We couldn’t be any happier with the service. It’s very fast, no interruptions. We are so excited! The people are very friendly and worked great with us for our installation. Thank you Long Range Internet!

    Kim GallionParkers Lake
  • We've had Hughes Net for the past 3 years and weren't even able to stream a show without it buffering every 30 seconds. Now we can stream anything, FaceTime, use WiFi calling, and more with absolutely no problems! Long Range Network has been a total game changer for us!

    Dalton HoehnPerry County, MO